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Capital Blue Cross Strategy to Combat Diabetes Pays Off for Members, Employers | The Valley Ledger

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HARRISBURG – Capital Blue Cross members are effectively fighting back against diabetes using the insurer’s free and convenient programs that have helped them lose weight, lower their blood sugar levels, reduce their medications, and collectively save nearly $6 million in healthcare costs.

In 2021, Capital became the first Pennsylvania health insurer to offer a unique program that works to reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes. Capital also began offering a separate program that helps members reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and helps those with types 1 or 2 manage their disease.

Preliminary results show Capital’s efforts to fight the diabetes epidemic are paying off:

  • Capital members using the diabetes control program collectively lost more than 26,000 pounds in 2022.
  • Capital members using the diabetes reversal program saw their A1c levels drop by more than a full point on average in just the first 90 days. Higher A1c levels are linked to diabetes complications.
  • On average, Capital members also were able to reduce prescription medications by about 45% in the first 90 days of using the diabetes reversal strategy.
  • Combined, the diabetes control programs already have helped Capital customers save nearly $6 million collectively, and an average engaged member can save $1,800 to $2,000 annually.

About one-third of Americans will develop diabetes sometime in their lifetime. This chronic disease can cause severe health problems, damage vital organs, and shorten life expectancy. The harm diabetes does to America’s collective health is matched by the financial toll it takes. The disease costs the U.S. nearly $330 billion a year, including $90 billion in lost productivity in the workplace.

In addition to these programs, Capital Blue Cross offers a broad range of proven resources and support to help get diabetes under control and encourage healthier lifestyle choices that can prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Capital reaches out to high-risk members with diabetes to provide care management opportunities and offers multiple programs to employer groups, including a diabetes presentation, an awareness toolkit, and Take Charge – a virtual, self-paced course that helps participants develop lifestyle habits to help control diabetes.

For those who want a more personalized experience, Capital offers one-on-one consultations at any of our five Capital Blue Cross Connect health and wellness centers. 

About Capital Blue Cross

Capital Blue Cross serves a 21-county region in Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley by offering health insurance products, services and technology solutions that provide peace of mind and promote health and wellness for our members. We focus on simplifying and personalizing the healthcare experience and using innovative solutions – including patient-focused care models, actionable data, and digital health technologies – to create healthier lives and lower healthcare costs. Our Capital Blue Cross Connect health and wellness centers provide in-person service and inspiration to help people reach their health goals. Capital Blue Cross is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

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